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FSC A1 Al Evans; (Partial) "Ibuprofen"

FSC A2 Cea Evans; "Wayward Wind"

FSC A3 Mike Marquis;  Unknown

FSC A4 Ted Blackwell; "In The Middle Of No Where"

FSC A5 Fletcher Clark; Unknown

FSC A6 Robert Harding & Marci Harnden; Unknown

FSC A7 Stan Milam; Unknown

FSC A8 Robert Harding; Unknown

FSC A9 Bill Zombeck; "The Only One For Me"

FSC A10 Steve Hawkins; Unknown

FSC A11 Chris Stern; Unknown

FSC A12 Carol Horn; Unknown

FSC A13 Martha Pinto & Carol Beall; Unknown

FSC A14 Kathy Wingert; Unknown

FSC A15 Ken Cashion; "My Blue Heaven"

FSC A16 Tom Basham; "Ford Custom"

FSC B1 Mike Hogan; Unknown

FSC B2 Sue Risner; Unknown

FSC B3 Tom Risner; Unknown

FSC B4 Kelly McDaniel; "Buckets of Rain"

FSC B5 Alec Bainter; Unknown

FSC B6 Alec Bainter & Al Evans; Unknown

FSC B7 Cea Evans; Unknown

FSC B8 Mike Marquis & Sue Risner; Unknown

FSC B9 Ted Blackwell; "Freedom's Such A Pain"

FSC B10 Fletcher Clark; Unknown

FSC B11 Marci Harnden; Unknown

FSC B12 Stan Milam; Unknown

FSC B13 Robert Harding; Unknown

FSC B14 Bill Zombeck; "Lodi"

FSC B15 Steve Hawkins; Unknown

FSC B16 Chris Stern; Unknown

FSC C1 Carol Horn; Unknown

FSC C2 Martha Pinto & Carol Beall; Unknown

FSC C3 Ken Cashion; "The Man Who Comes Around"

FSC C4 Tom Basham; Unknown

FSC C5 Alan Dunwell; Unknown

FSC C6 Sue Risner; Unknown

FSC C7 Kathi & Mike Hogan; Unknown

FSC C8 Tom Risner; Unknown

FSC C9 Kelly McDaniel; Unknown

FSC C10 Alec Bainter; Unknown

FSC C11 Al Evans; Unknown

FSC C12 Cea Evans; Unknown

FSC C13 Mike Marquis; Unknown

FSC C14 Fletcher Clark; Unknown

FSC D1 Bill Zombeck; Unknown

FSC D2 Steve Hawkins; Unknown

FSC D3 Martha Pinto; Unknown

FSC D4 Ken Cashion; "I Lie When I Drink"

FSC D5 Tom Basham; Unknown

FSC D6 Allen Dunwell; Unknown

FSC D7 Kathi Hogan; Unknown

FSC D8 Kelly McDaniel; "Goin' To Scotland"

FSC D9 Al Evans; Unknown

FSC D10 Cea Evans; Unknown

FSC D11 Mike Marquis; Unknown

FSC D12 Marci Harnden; Unknown

FSC D13 Stan Milam; Unknown

FSC D14 Bill Zombeck; "Long Black Veil"

FSC D15 Steve Hawkins; Unknown

FSC D16 Ken Cashion; "Somebody Else Is Getting It"

FSC D17 Tom Basham; Unknown

FSC D18 Alan Dunwell; Unknown


SatP 1 Ken Cashion; "The Way To Survive"

SatP 2 Ken Cashion; "God May Forgive You"

SatP 3 Martha Pinto; Unknown

SatP 4 Martha Pinto; "The Dolphin's Heart"

SatP 5 Jamie Kinscherff; "Butterfly Dance"

SatP 6 Al Evans; Unknown

SatP 7 Alec Bainter & Al Evans; "Istanbul (Not Constantinople)"  

SatP 8 Alec Bainter & Al Evans; "Courtin' In The Rain"

SatP 9 Kathy Wingert; Unknown

SatP 10 Kathy Wingert; Unknown

SatP 11 Kathy Wingert & Sue Risner; Unknown

SatP 12 Mike Rickard; "Poem 1"

SatP 13 Mikd Rickard; "Poem 2"

SatP 14 Mike Rickard; "Caprock Wind"

SatP 15 Tom Basham; "Dooley"

SatP 16 Tom Basham & Ken Cashion; "The Fish Song"

SatP 17 Tom Basham; "Fay Wray"

SatP 18 Mike Marquis; Unknown

SatP 19 Mike Marquis; Unknown

SatP 20 Cea & ??; Unknown

SatP 21 Steve Hawkins; Unknown

SatP 22 Steve Hawkins; Unknown

SatP 23 Carol Beall; Unknown

SatP 24 Carol Beall; Unknown

SatP 25 Fletcher Clark; "Where Were You"

SatP 26 Fletcher Clark; Unknown

SatP 27 Sue Risner; Unknown

SatP 28 Tom Risner; Unknown

SatP 29 Tom Risner; "Zoombie Clowns"

SatP 30 Stan Milam & Alec Bainter; Unknown

SatP 31 Stan Milam & Robert Harding; Unknown

SatP 32 Alec Bainter & Robert Harding; Unknown

SatP 33 Chris Stern; Unknown

SatP 34 Chris Stern; "Lakes of Ponchartrain"

SatP 35 Chris Stern; Unknown


SunP 1 Ken Cashion; "We Stayed Too Long At The Fair"

SunP 2 Ken Cashion; "The Memory Song"

SunP 3 Cea Evans;  "Cajun Cowboy"

SunP 4 Cea Evans; Unknown

SunP 5 Steve Hawkins; Unknown

SunP 6 Steve Hawkins; Unknown

SunP 7 Martha Pinto & Bill Zombeck; "If You Were A Bluebird"

SunP 8 Martha & Jamie Kinscherff; Unknown

SunP 9 Tom Basham; "A Whale Of A Tale"

SunP 10 Tom Basham; Unknown

SunP 11 Marci Harnden; Unknown

SunP 12 Marci Harnden & Sue Risner; Unknown

SunP 13 Marci Harnden; "Under The Double Eagle"

SunP 14 Tom Risner; Unknown

SunP 15 Tom Risner; Unknown

SunP 16 Fletcher Clark; Unknown

SunP 17 Fletcher Clark; Unknown

SunP 18 Carol Beall; Unknown

SunP 19 Carol Beall; Unknown

SunP 20 Carol Beall & Martha Pinto; Unknown

SunP 21 Martha Pinto & Carol Beall; Unknown

SunP 22 Alan Dunwell; Unknown

SunP 23 Alan Dunwell; Unknown

SunP 24 Sue Risner & Kelly McDaniel; Unknown

SunP 25 Stan Milam; Unknown

SunP 26 Stan Milam; Unknown

SunP 27 Carol Horn & Mike Hogan; "Autumn Leaves"

SunP 28 Bill Zombeck; "Walkin' After Midnight"

SunP 29 Bill Zombeck; "Drift Away"

SunP 30 Mike Rickard; First Poem

SunP 31 Mike Rickard; Second Poem

SunP 32 Mike Rickard; "Caterpillar Rain"

SunP 33 Kathy Wingert; Unknown

SunP 34 Kathy Wingert; Unknown

SunP 35 Chris Stern; Unknown

SunP 36 Chris Stern; "Silver Haired Daddy Of Mine"

SunP 37 Chris Stern; "The Boxer"

SunP 38 Chris Stern; "Good Night, Irene"

SunP 39 Chris Stern; "Good Night, Irene" (All)


SunSC 1 Tom Risner; Unknown

SunSC 2 Tom Risner; "Mountain Dew"

SunSC 3 Sue Risner; "Ain't Misbehavin'"

SunSC 4 Mike Rickard; Unknown

SunSC 5 Fletcher Clark; "Waltz For Sweet Mary"

SunSC 6 Kathy Wingert; Unknown

SunSC 7 Martha Pinto; "I Am A Singer Of The Old Songs"

SunSC 8 Chris Stern; "Mrs. Robinson"

SunSC 9 Marci Harnden; "Gypsy Wind"

SunSC 10 Carol Beall; Unknown

SunSC 11 Mike Marquis; Unknown

SunSC 12 Steve Hawkins; Unknown

SunSC 13 Bill Zombeck; "If I Needed You"

SunSC 14 Mike & Kathi Hogan; "Sweet Violets"

SunSC 15 Cea Evans; "The Galaxy Song"

SunSC 16 Who?; Unknown

SunSC 17 Ken Cashion; "Makin' Whoopee"

SunSC 18 Carol Horn; "Irish Washer Woman"

SunSC 19 Stan Milam; "Sail Away"

SunSC 20 Tom Risner; Unknown

SunSC 21 Mike Rickard; "Four Quarter Moon"

SunSC 22 Fletcher Clark; Unknown

SunSC 23 Kathi & Mike Hogan; Unknown

SunSC 24 Tom Basham; Unknown

SunSC 25 Marci Harnden; Unknown

SunSC 26 Chris Stern; Unknown

SunSC 27 Steve Hawkins; Unknown

SunSC 28 Bill Zombeck; "Safe Home"

SunSC 29 Unknown; Unknown

SunSC 30 Cea Evans; Unknown

SunSC 31 Unknown; Unknown

SunSC 32 Ken Cashion; "Places I Have Been"

SunSC 33 Carol Horn; "Don't Fence Me In"

SunSC 34 Stan Milam; Unknown

SunSC 35 Mike Rickard; Unknown

SunSC 36 Kathi & Mike Hogan; Unknown

SunSC 37 Tom Basham; "Galway Girl"

SunSC 38 Marci Harnden; Unknown

SunSC 39 Chris Stern; Unknown

SunSC 40 Bill Zombeck; "Keep Me In Your Heart"

SunSC 41 Unknown; Unknown

SunSC 42 Ken Cashion; ""Did'ja' Hear?"

SunSC 43 Carol Horn; "Recitation"

SunSC 44 Kathy Wingert; Unknown

SunSC 45 Tom Basham; "Sierra Madre"

SunSC 46 Marci Harnden; Unknown

SunSC 47 Bill Zombeck; "To Live Is To Fly"

SunSC 48 Unknown; Unknown

SunSC 49 Ken Cashion; "Eight Steps To Your Door"

SunSC 50 Unknown; Unknown



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