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B-1   Bonnie & Clyde; 2007-Bonnie Parker wrote the poem; I set it to a 1930 folk-hero type tune.

      (04/08/2007 -- 5:32)   For song words click on "Lyrics".  Lyrics.

B-2  Did'ja'  Hear?; 2007-Started earlier, but just got around to finishing it.  I thought someone should write it.  Mike Rickard made me think of it. 

      (04/08/2007 -- 3:36)    For song words click on "Lyrics".  Lyrics.

B-3  Thank God For Chainsaws 2005.  Written just after Hurricane Katrina.  It was Bettie's idea, as were many of the lines.  My musical saw ends the song.

     (04/15/2007 -- 3:03)     For song words click on "Lyrics".  Lyrics.

B-4  Old Man's Open Mic Blues; 2002.  Written the day before I performed for the first time in 25 years.  It is about the old days of open mics and the super-intense, pathos- and guilt-ridden young folk singers of the 1960s.

   (04/16/2007 -- 1:51)     For song words click on "Lyrics".  Lyrics.

B-5  Night Air;  1989. 

     (04/16/2007 -- 2:53)

B-6  Cowboys From Texas;  1982. This was my response to the public's reaction to "Urban Cowboy" and written about the same time.

     (04/16/2007 -- 4:26)    For song words click on "Lyrics".  Lyrics.

B-7  Do They Believe You?; 1982.  True story about a woman I knew once.  Some song introductions are better than the song.  This is one of them -- but I can't tell it.

     (04/15/2007 -- 2:23)   For song words click on "Lyrics".  Lyrics.

B-8  Eight Steps; 1982.  More exaggerated reality.

    (04/15/2007 -- 2:42)    For song words click on "Lyrics".  Lyrics.

B-9  Retrospect; 1982.   I have been through many divorces; none mine.  I watched this one blow up in my face.

     (04/16/2007 -- 3:00)   For song words click on "Lyrics".  Lyrics.

B-10  Long Time Since The Last Time; 1983.  If a fellow has problems with a woman, he may not be able to put distance between them -- so he had better put a lot of time between them.

     (04/16/2007 -- 3:11)   For song words click on "Lyrics".  Lyrics.

B-11  Tim's Bank Account;  1976. Written about a friend and his "awakening."  (Tim Prewitt; contact me.)

     (04/16/2007 -- 2:33)

B-12  My Anthem; 1975.   Overly liberal NPR's "All Things Considered" (but they never do) inspired this song.  Its title was revealed to me later.

     (04/17/2007 -- 3:46)

B-13  Mistaken Identity; 1975. Absolutely true story. The song overtook me.

     (04/17/2007 -- 4:04)

B-14  Singing Alone; 1973. This expresses my mood one night.  (1972 FG-140 Gakki Yamaha guitar.)

      (04/16/2007 -- 2:43)   For song words click on "Lyrics".  Lyrics.

B-15  Remote Sensing Rag; 1972.  Very topical song written around a swimming pool on a trip which the song describes.  There are a lot of professional terms in it.  The attendees enjoyed it.

     (04/16/2007 -- 3:22)

B-16  Places I Have Been;  1972. I'd had all the travelling I wanted -- and then I got a job requiring none.  This song was written as soon as I realized I wasn't going to be "sent off" any more.

  (04/15/2007 -- 4:01)  For song words click on "Lyrics".  Lyrics.

B-17  Pipelines In The Sky; 1968. Even when fully grown, my dad considered me still as a little boy.   I wrote this song about his death from that perspective.

     (04/16/2007 -- 4:40)

B-18  K.C.'s N.Y.C. Talking Blues1965.  Written while in N.Y.C.  The lyrics date the song but then, topical songs generally are dated.

     (04/15/2007 -- 3:09)

B-19  Distant Farewell;  1964. This is either semi-fantasy or  exaggerated reality written on a plane between Sydney and Honolulu.

     (04/15/2007 -- 4:11)   For song words click on "Lyrics".  Lyrics.

B-20  Lyndon Loves Me;  1964.  A conservative protest song from the 1960s.  Popular tune is not original but fits the idea of the song.

     (04/16/2007 -- 2:34)

B-21  Yelling Australia; 1964. Written while there and the local version was more topical than this export model.

     (04/16/2007 -- 3:13)

B-22  I've Been Working On The Railroad; 1964. Scab protest song involving over-zealousness by union employees.   The events are only slightly exaggerated.

     (04/28/2007 -- 2:36)

B-23  I Stay Rum Drunk; 2009. Just a little fun, nonsense song to play on my new e-Guitar that I "built."

     (11/04/2011 -- 4:02)


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